Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) located in Tbilisi – Capital of Georgia was founded in 1918 and became one of the high-ranking state-supported institutions of higher education in the whole Caucasus region. True to its motto “Per Traditiones Ad Futurum” in Latin, meaning “With Traditions to the Future”, the University with more than 100 years of existence stands without losing its pride in the whole Caucasus region.

TSMU provides competitive, international-level education through development of profound academic knowledge, professional ethics, values, clinical reasoning, practical and communication skills. The main guiding principles of TSMU activities are fully in line with the strategies of the European educational system.

Number of students at TSMU

TSMU is considered as the most demanded higher medical University in Georgia and has more than 7500 undergraduate, 3000 postgraduate and 720 Professors in its fold. Due to the international recognition of Tbilisi State Medical University, the University has nearly 2500 international students from 72 countries worldwide. Georgia has become an international center for medical education that is an important step towards integration into the European educational area.


To date, Tbilisi State Medical University has five faculties: Medicine, Stomatology, Pharmacy, Public health, Physical medicine and rehabilitation. TSMU is a full member of the European Education Area that means its active involvement in functioning of this educational system, determining directions for development and implementation, establishing free and close scientific and academic relationships with the educational, scientific and clinical centers throughout the world.


  • 1200 staff, with 720 professors and 142 Doctors of Science
  • Up to 7500 undergraduate students and 3000 post graduate studies
  • TSMU has sport complex, 2 foot ball fields, 2 sports halls, open and closed courts, etc.
  • Up to 10 research centers
  • Modern library and IT technologies
  • 5 University clinics:
  • First University Clinic
  • Apolon Urushadze University Clinic
  • N.1 Dental Clinic
  • N.2 Dental Clinic
  • Givi Zhvania Pediatric Academic Clinic

TSMU is the full member of the following international organizations & associations:

  • EUA - European Universities Association (EUA)
  • AMEE - Association of Medical Education of Europe (AMEE)
  • EMSA - European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA)
  • ESRUC - Eurasian Silk Road Universities Consortium (ESRUC)
  • IAUP – International Association of University Presidents
  • EUPHA – The European Public Health Association
  • EPSA – European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association
  • IFMSA – The International Federation of Medical Students’ Assocation
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TSMU closely collaborates with:

  • WHO – Word Health Organisation
  • WFME - World federation of Medical Education
  • UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
  • USAID – United State Agency for International Development
  • JSI – John Snow Inc
  • DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service
  • ECFMG - Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates